Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Integrating Excel Data with an Excel Web Access Web Part

Excel Web Access Web parts expose data in an Excel spreadsheet in SharePoint. To create an Excel Web Access Web part in SharePoint2010, follow these steps:

1.     Open Microsoft Excel.  Click File New Blank Workbook
2.    Add some data in the spreadsheet, and then create a simple chart using the  
          native chart capabilities.
                To do this, select the data from which you want to create a chart, and then   
          select Insert. Then select a particular chart type.
                 Following snapshot shows the Pie chart graphically representing                    
          the data.
ExcelSheet to be displayed in SharePoint 2010 web part

3. Save the Excel document to a document library on your SharePoint site.
4.   Once saved, right-click the document in document library and select “Edit in Microsoft Excel” 
5.   Click Publish Excel Services.
6.   When the Save As dialog prompts you, click the ‘Excel Services Options’ 
      button, and then select the parts of the workbook you want to publish to Excel Services.
      In this example, we will only expose the chart.
7.   Save the Excel document. Navigate to a separate SharePoint site or Web   
      page, and click Site Actions Edit Page.
8.   Click “Add a web part” (or Insert web part), and then navigate to the  Office Client Applications category.
9.   Select Excel Web Access and click Add (If you do not find ‘Excel Web    
      Access template’ there then navigate to Business Data).
10. SharePoint adds the Web part, but you still must configure it. Open the tools pane and enter the URL to the spreadsheet in the Workbook field (or navigate to the spreadsheet). Enter the object you want to expose in the Excel Web Access Web part (In our case Chart 1).
                Finally the ‘Excel Web Access’ web part is displayed with excel data as in following snapshot.
‘Excel Web Access Web Part’ displaying Excel sheet data.


  1. Hi Naren,

    I can't set the workbook property because isn't exist.

    Have you got any idea because of it is?

  2. hey i am not clear about your question..can u make your question more clear?
    i think you need to focus on the step 6 in above post.